The Jack Pine – Track 10 from “Portage”

The Jack Pine – by Trent Severn from Trent Severn on Vimeo.

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Eh Canada! Happy 150

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Eh Canada – #Canada150


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2017 Chi-Cheemaun Dinner Cruise


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Pre-Order “PORTAGE” – coming June 30th 2017

TS_Portage2 (1)

Pre-Order link:

Eh Canada
Wake Up Willie
You Are Enough
Winnipeg White Out
Bryan Adams
No Anchor
The Jack Pine
Save Me

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We are so excited to be a part of Winterfolk XV with so many of our friends!

Catch Trent Severn at The Black Swan Tavern at 10:00pm Saturday February 18th!


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Learn to play “O Snow”


Here’s the music to our winter heart warmer ‘O Snow’. Capo on second fret and play the chords noted in their first position voicing.

Happy Holidays from Trent Severn <3

Download PDF: trent-severn-o-snow

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ANNOUNCEMENT: New video, new album!

This week marks 5 years of Trent Severn. We celebrate with our very first MUSIC VIDEO directed by Edward Platero. We also have officially announced our PledgeMusic campaign for our third album “PORTAGE” due out April 2017.



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The 2017 Harrowsmith Almanac

PREDICTION: You might see Trent Severn around in 2017… Well at least in the Harrowsmith Almanac! Now at your local grocery.

14359104_1186616618062418_6350816198665966728_n-1  14330071_1186617944728952_7297817766434591956_n-1

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“Take Me Back” Ontario Story Contest

CONTEST TIME! Everyone has a great story to share and we are listening. Tell us your favourite Ontario story from this summer to win prizes! And don’t worry if you don’t have a great Ontario story to share. You can still participate by making one up. Bonus points for creativity!

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Aventures on the ChiCheemaun – Band Overboard

Our band hits the high seas! Dayna wears a Pook onesie! Join us as we play a concert on the famed Chi-Cheemaun Ferry. Also, we head up the coast of Lake Huron and hit ErnieKingMusic in Goderich to finally put to rest the mystery of instrument cables! Thanks to Chi-Cheemaun @ ontarioferries, Susan Schrempf for seeing us at Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival and inviting us to play the dinner cruise!

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Trent Severn on CKUA’s Mixtape

Monica Miller hosts “Mixtape” with an hour of programming by us Wednesday July 13th at 7pm on Alberta’s own CKUA Radio Network. It will repeat at 1am July 18th. #tunein


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Chi-Cheemaun Dinner Cruise July 23rd

image1 (5)


Time: 8:00pm. Admission: $52.50 Price includes Ferry Fare, Dinner and Concert. 8:00 departure from Tobermory, returning at midnight.

Dinner 8:15pm, Live Concert 10:15pm More information

Box office: 1-800-265-3163.

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July 2nd adventures – very tall tales from Ontario Cottage Country

Big thanks to our friend and amazing singer Sean Leahy for finding these graphics that support our tall tales 😉

image1 (4)


image2 (1)


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Canada Day 2016 adventures & video shoot

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Trent Severn perform at Google Canada

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June 2016 – Alberta video postcards

Tourcation – Beaumont Blues N Roots June 18, 2016

TS headquarters – Canmore June 19, 2016

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Dave Brosha’s Postcard

Legendary Canadian Photographer Dave Brosha’s Postcard to “Snowy Soul”

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Take Me Back – The Stratford Jungle Remix


We posted the stems for our summer fun, Ontari-ari-o song “Take Me Back” for a remix competition a couple months ago. The competition was specifically for pro audio student’s across Ontario, but a couple of fellas in Stratford got a hold of the tracks and for the love of jungle, gave it their own flavour! Check out the fantastic Canadiana ad libs Nat Saturn and DJ Wigs add to the tune remixed by Natocore (Nate MacKay) and mastered by Siegfried Meier. We love the track and send huge thanks and gratitude to all the Stratford artists involved for putting so much effort into making this local remix. The recording went from 11 tracks to 91, so fasten your seat belts and hold on to your hats!

Here’s a behind the scenes video we made filming the NATOCORE track’s debut at Molly Blooms on June 8th.

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We shot a video

Behind the scenes from our upcoming video for the song “Take Me Back”

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What Trent Severn Does On a Free Weekend

While Lindsay embarked on a kayak and camping adventure, Dayna partook in the 2016 World Festival of Children’s Theatre opening ceremonies at the front of City Hall in Stratford. Dayna and Perth County Conspiracy legend, Cedric Smith debuted an original “Welcome to Stratford” for the young delegates from Uganda , Zimbabwe, Australia, Indonesia, The Czech Republic, Palestine, Germany, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovinea, The United States, Russia, Paraguay, Columbia, El Salvador & Cuba!

Emm partook in a jam session and workshop at The Grand Theatre with guitarist Greg Lowe, actor/musician Brendan Wall and director Allen MacInnis which saw about 75 local musicians bring their guitars to the theatre to play along with “Big Yellow Taxi”. The event also promoted “Joni Mitchell: River” which runs in the fall at The Grand Theatre and will mark Emm’s official theatre debut (if you don’t count her “role” in Annie at Huron Country Playhouse when she was 11).

At the workshop, Emm met a former music student of Trent Severn dad, Dave Manning’s. Graham Holmes is his name, and alongside two friends he recently performed his version of “Bluenose on a Dime” at a coffee house at St. Jude’s Church in London. To top it all off, Emm came across Michael Griffin, pictured here with his 1978 Grit Laskin acoustic, (as old as Dayna!). “It has seen many road miles and many hours of play,” said Michael.

All in all, a weekend of songs and heartstrings! A true reminder why we do what we do.

Emm’s Adventures:



Lindsay’s Adventures





Dayna’s Adventures





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New rehearsal space

Follow the adventures of a TS rehearsal

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“Take Me Back” Remix Winner Connor Grail

Each and every remix entry that we received sparked our excitement and the anticipation would build as we waited for the track to load from our inbox. Completely exhausted after a day of meetings and rehearsals, and about to pack it in for the night we received this entry. Sleep was no longer on the forefront as we danced and choreographed to the track, playing it repeatedly (yes, this would have been a sight to see!). We love Connor Grail’s spin on ‘Take Me Back’ and are excited to announce that he is the winner of the remix competition! Congrats to him and kudos to his program at Fanshawe College.

Of note – Connor also has an alter ego that fits in perfectly with Trent Severn. Meet Conspiracy Canuck!

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The “Take Me Back” Remixes

We are very happy to reveal the contenders for our ‘Take Me Back’ remix competition. A huge thank you to all the artists who took the time to work on these tracks and submit them. You did an outstanding job! The contest was open to all students currently enrolled in a recognized music production program at an Ontario College. We received entries from Fanshaw, OIART and Metalworks Institute. Submissions closed April 15th and our winner of $1000 and chocolate milk in bags for a year will be announced April 25th 2016. Enjoy all the remixes we received, including one from Eb Martin which was, “just for fun” as he is NOT a student. Big shout out to Metalworks Institute for most submissions!

Dreamed I’d live in Kits, ended up in Burnaby
Biking in the rain down to Wreck Beach
Stared into Lynn Canyon but got spooked out by the ghosts
Enough with the front Lake Huron’s my west coast

My buddies all got jobs and I wanted one too
I called up WestJet flew to Saskatoon
My green hands got dirty, it was a rough ride winter
I ain’t cut out for living the life of a welder

Worst case scenario
We be sippin’ beers on the patio
Take me back to the place I know, Ontari-ari-o
Worst case scenario
We’ll have Stompin’ Tom on the stereo
Take me back to Ontari-ari-o

I longed for the East Coast
And for JP’s Molly May
At Bretton Cove dreamed I’d sail away
Dropped my hook and sinker
And I waited on the line
Back home I’d have ten lake trout by this time
(No word of a lie)

Worst case scenario
We be sippin’ beers on the patio
Take me back to the place I know, Ontari-ari-o
Worst case scenario
We’ll have Stompin’ Tom on the stereo
Take me back to Ontari-ari-o

Oh we ain’t got no Rocky Mountain High
But we’re the bells of this buck ‘n doe tonight
Lost a euchre game dropped a bag of milk
Got a soaker like I never felt
Found a trillium on the back forty-o
Got it in the blood

Worst case scenario
We be sippin’ beers on the patio
Take me back to the place I know, Ontari-ari-o
Worst case scenario
We’ll have Stompin’ Tom on the stereo
Take me back to Ontari-ari-o

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Trent Severn join Rheostatics at Massey Hall


When asked by legendary Canadian band Rheostatics to contribute some harmonies to their upcoming Massey Hall concert on April 29th, we were over the moon! Yesterday we rehearsed with the band in Toronto and worked on two songs. We will also join them at their show on April 24th at the Starlight in Waterloo. Gazing around the rehearsal room we just looked at everyone and silently smiled to ourselves: “Legend. Legend. Legend. Legend…” And on and on. Each band member has contributed so much to the Canadian music landscape. We love this opportunity to get inside their totally unique, magical music. We feel so lucky! Hope to see you there.


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