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TSI 02/29 – Raven

A wonderful find from a visit to a northern cafe – TS

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Bass Wars

The joy of starting a new band means you can drop some Royal Canadian coin on some new gear. I suppose Trent Severn might benefit from some vintage gear, but today there didn’t seem to be any gems in the bass guitar graveyard. I’m not a stand-up bass player so my options for a new bass were quickly narrowed down to the Epiphone Zenith and the Kala U-Bass. Being a smaller person (5 foot 1) made the Ukulele Bass in mahogany the clear winner, as it chimes in at 6 pounds with a 20 inch scale. These proportions sound very similar to the weight of a healthy newborn baby, now that I write it!

Live, I will also be rocking the Porchboard Bass (which is a fabulous instrument that emits a kick drum-esque sound) so knowing my feet will be active means a smaller bass will be just what I need. After calling all around Ontario, including the Ontario Folklore Centre, and finding no stock, I trusted my brother’s recommendation, online reviews and the instrument specs and bought one on-line. Let’s hope it arrives in one piece! End of nerdy bass blog.



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