a salute to Stan Rogers

I just finished reading a 1993 biography on Stan Rogers, called “An Unfinished Conversation” by Chris Gudgeona.

Stan Rogers was part of the soundtrack of my early childhood as my dad played his cassette tapes and strummed his tunes on guitar. It was inspiring to read the stories, and learn about the personality that wrote such iconic songs. I realized that Stan’s lyrics are subconsciously ingrained in me; but only now am I truly listening to, appreciating, and comprehending his music.

After Stan Rogers released Fogarty’s Cove and Between The Breaks, he felt frustrated with, to quote Gudgeona, “the limited scope that a single album afforded him.” Stan’s unfinished master plan was to incorporate the whole country in his music through a series of five albums. In Northwest Passage, Stan developed a unifying theme exploring separation and lines of communication. A fire in an airplane in 1983 took his life and he was unable to finish the last two albums in the series.

The Trent Severn album is currently being manufactured, and we can’t wait to share and perform our own Canadian songs. However, this moment of revelling in the feeling of album completion won’t last long as, like Stan, we know we have yet to lay down many more tracks to connect our provinces and territories. We know we’re standing at the beginning of a road that, with work, will take us to our dream of being a truly Canadian band.

I think we can learn a lot from this guy:

– Laura

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  1. Brian
    September 14, 2012 at 1:02 PM #

    This is really well written and inspring!


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