Snowy Soul

Photo by James Galletto : Stamp Design by Megan Brooks 

“Inspired by a conversation in a book store where a man was talking about returning from the Arctic.”

Little bones in the stereo
Been in the arctic for
Thirty years or so

And I got to make it back
To that postal code
Been a lot of sun at midnight
And no comfort zone

Gordie’s like some meadowlark
Yeah I got courage
Beneath gravel and tar

And I got to make it back
To that postal code
When Churchill feels like Memphis
You know you’re a cold rolling stone

Come around and pour me
A glass of clarity baby
I have seen some better days
When did the switch flip
And uphill turn to down
Oh I got to make it back to that postal code
You can see my weathered skin
But not my snowy soul

Hundreds of roads I’ve travelled
Can you hear my heartbeat
Sounds like a courtroom gavel
Running free
Up off my knees

I gotta make it back someday
Oh I got to get myself to that postal code

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