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Last Wednesday, Dec. 19th, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfiled headed for the International Space Station from Kazakhstan, Russia. Chris will become the first Canadian Commander of the space station this March. Isn’t that unbelievable? I know we all (TS girls) watched the launch on from our respective computers along with most of Canada, wide eyed and completely amazed.

Right now I’m sitting in an airport writing this blog on a layover. I’ve completed one flight of my pair of Christmas take-offs. Every time I get on an airplane I am wide eyed and amazed. How do they get these 200 people with each of their 50lb bags up into the sky and to their destinations so smoothly? Let alone the thousands of others sharing the sky right now? It really is inconceivable to me.

Each time I fly think of one of my favourite music lovers, C.S. – a pilot for Air Canada who does this everyday for his living. When the Trent Severn CD came out, C.S. sent the most thoughtful note congratulating us on the record. This part of his note really stuck out for me:

“For someone like me who loves music so much, but has not one speck of talent, that process of writing and performing music is sort of like sending people to space in that I can’t begin to conceive how it can be done.  Music that I really love always feels like a miracle to me.”

A few days prior to the Soyuz spacecraft lift-off, Chris Hadfiled shared his “Playlist to Prep for Space” on CBC’s music site. Our song Truscott was number seven on his countdown. Can you believe that? (Read here) We even heard that our record may have made its way to space!!! Chris you have our hearts and our minds gazing at the stars. We are so honoured.

The wonders of how this world spins, and lives, and grows, and loves is entirely amazing. But some things are a bit more of a miracle for each of us. For me the amazement of the human contribution has always been skill + aesthetic/grace + compassion in any form. We are all amazed by each other’s miracles aren’t we?

Happy holidays everyone. Be kind and enjoy that you completely amaze someone!

Here’s an article on how to actually spot Chris Hadfield and the ISS from Canada. Chris – let us know when you can see us out the window!

^ Dayna


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Live performance and interview on CBC Radio’s Q

We’ve had many request for a link to our in studio CBC Radio Q performance on November 21st 2012. You can listen to the performances and interview here: TRENT SEVERN’S MANIFESTO

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