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RIP Bill Lishman

This is the poem William Lishman shared with me, which I used parts of to compose From Canada for Trent Severn. RIP Bill. So many miss you, even the birds. <3 It was an honour to write this song with you. – Dayna

True Freedom

I am always thrilled to take to the air
to follow a whimsical line
across the face of the earth
to carve wondrous curves
that skim rolling pastures
mimicking the forces
that formed a meandering valley.

It is bird freedom ever sought
since man could first imagine.
No computer game or carnie ride
can compare to the exhilaration
of gliding across misty hollows in the early dawn
or circumnavigating a woodlot
at treetop level

This is as close to bird flight
as mankind gets.
Whether by accident or design
birds have been here waiting
long before the dawn of man,
to taunt us, to make us envious,
to cajole us into the sky
to join them in their gravity defying medium.

This is our instinct
this is the freedom
we have ever sought.
So engrained in the human psyche
that the image of humans flying
wing to wing with birds
gives pause to all but the most jaded,

The emotion is so powerful
many are brought to tears
once in that heightened state,
it is the time of epiphanies,
when cosmic truths flow
the soul is renewed.

This is our true value to mankind
those of us who fly with birds.

-Bill Lishman

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The Jack Pine – Track 10 from “Portage”

The Jack Pine – by Trent Severn from Trent Severn on Vimeo.

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Eh Canada! Happy 150

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Eh Canada – #Canada150


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2017 Chi-Cheemaun Dinner Cruise


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Pre-Order “PORTAGE” – coming June 30th 2017

TS_Portage2 (1)

Pre-Order link:

Eh Canada
Wake Up Willie
You Are Enough
Winnipeg White Out
Bryan Adams
No Anchor
The Jack Pine
Save Me

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We are so excited to be a part of Winterfolk XV with so many of our friends!

Catch Trent Severn at The Black Swan Tavern at 10:00pm Saturday February 18th!


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Learn to play “O Snow”


Here’s the music to our winter heart warmer ‘O Snow’. Capo on second fret and play the chords noted in their first position voicing.

Happy Holidays from Trent Severn <3

Download PDF: trent-severn-o-snow

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ANNOUNCEMENT: New video, new album!

This week marks 5 years of Trent Severn. We celebrate with our very first MUSIC VIDEO directed by Edward Platero. We also have officially announced our PledgeMusic campaign for our third album “PORTAGE” due out April 2017.



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The 2017 Harrowsmith Almanac

PREDICTION: You might see Trent Severn around in 2017… Well at least in the Harrowsmith Almanac! Now at your local grocery.

14359104_1186616618062418_6350816198665966728_n-1  14330071_1186617944728952_7297817766434591956_n-1

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“Take Me Back” Ontario Story Contest

CONTEST TIME! Everyone has a great story to share and we are listening. Tell us your favourite Ontario story from this summer to win prizes! And don’t worry if you don’t have a great Ontario story to share. You can still participate by making one up. Bonus points for creativity!

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Aventures on the ChiCheemaun – Band Overboard

Our band hits the high seas! Dayna wears a Pook onesie! Join us as we play a concert on the famed Chi-Cheemaun Ferry. Also, we head up the coast of Lake Huron and hit ErnieKingMusic in Goderich to finally put to rest the mystery of instrument cables! Thanks to Chi-Cheemaun @ ontarioferries, Susan Schrempf for seeing us at Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival and inviting us to play the dinner cruise!

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Trent Severn on CKUA’s Mixtape

Monica Miller hosts “Mixtape” with an hour of programming by us Wednesday July 13th at 7pm on Alberta’s own CKUA Radio Network. It will repeat at 1am July 18th. #tunein


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Chi-Cheemaun Dinner Cruise July 23rd

image1 (5)


Time: 8:00pm. Admission: $52.50 Price includes Ferry Fare, Dinner and Concert. 8:00 departure from Tobermory, returning at midnight.

Dinner 8:15pm, Live Concert 10:15pm More information

Box office: 1-800-265-3163.

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July 2nd adventures – very tall tales from Ontario Cottage Country

Big thanks to our friend and amazing singer Sean Leahy for finding these graphics that support our tall tales 😉

image1 (4)


image2 (1)


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Canada Day 2016 adventures & video shoot

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Trent Severn perform at Google Canada

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June 2016 – Alberta video postcards

Tourcation – Beaumont Blues N Roots June 18, 2016

TS headquarters – Canmore June 19, 2016

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Dave Brosha’s Postcard

Legendary Canadian Photographer Dave Brosha’s Postcard to “Snowy Soul”

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Take Me Back – The Stratford Jungle Remix


We posted the stems for our summer fun, Ontari-ari-o song “Take Me Back” for a remix competition a couple months ago. The competition was specifically for pro audio student’s across Ontario, but a couple of fellas in Stratford got a hold of the tracks and for the love of jungle, gave it their own flavour! Check out the fantastic Canadiana ad libs Nat Saturn and DJ Wigs add to the tune remixed by Natocore (Nate MacKay) and mastered by Siegfried Meier. We love the track and send huge thanks and gratitude to all the Stratford artists involved for putting so much effort into making this local remix. The recording went from 11 tracks to 91, so fasten your seat belts and hold on to your hats!

Here’s a behind the scenes video we made filming the NATOCORE track’s debut at Molly Blooms on June 8th.

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We shot a video

Behind the scenes from our upcoming video for the song “Take Me Back”

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What Trent Severn Does On a Free Weekend

While Lindsay embarked on a kayak and camping adventure, Dayna partook in the 2016 World Festival of Children’s Theatre opening ceremonies at the front of City Hall in Stratford. Dayna and Perth County Conspiracy legend, Cedric Smith debuted an original “Welcome to Stratford” for the young delegates from Uganda , Zimbabwe, Australia, Indonesia, The Czech Republic, Palestine, Germany, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovinea, The United States, Russia, Paraguay, Columbia, El Salvador & Cuba!

Emm partook in a jam session and workshop at The Grand Theatre with guitarist Greg Lowe, actor/musician Brendan Wall and director Allen MacInnis which saw about 75 local musicians bring their guitars to the theatre to play along with “Big Yellow Taxi”. The event also promoted “Joni Mitchell: River” which runs in the fall at The Grand Theatre and will mark Emm’s official theatre debut (if you don’t count her “role” in Annie at Huron Country Playhouse when she was 11).

At the workshop, Emm met a former music student of Trent Severn dad, Dave Manning’s. Graham Holmes is his name, and alongside two friends he recently performed his version of “Bluenose on a Dime” at a coffee house at St. Jude’s Church in London. To top it all off, Emm came across Michael Griffin, pictured here with his 1978 Grit Laskin acoustic, (as old as Dayna!). “It has seen many road miles and many hours of play,” said Michael.

All in all, a weekend of songs and heartstrings! A true reminder why we do what we do.

Emm’s Adventures:



Lindsay’s Adventures





Dayna’s Adventures





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New rehearsal space

Follow the adventures of a TS rehearsal

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“Take Me Back” Remix Winner Connor Grail

Each and every remix entry that we received sparked our excitement and the anticipation would build as we waited for the track to load from our inbox. Completely exhausted after a day of meetings and rehearsals, and about to pack it in for the night we received this entry. Sleep was no longer on the forefront as we danced and choreographed to the track, playing it repeatedly (yes, this would have been a sight to see!). We love Connor Grail’s spin on ‘Take Me Back’ and are excited to announce that he is the winner of the remix competition! Congrats to him and kudos to his program at Fanshawe College.

Of note – Connor also has an alter ego that fits in perfectly with Trent Severn. Meet Conspiracy Canuck!

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The “Take Me Back” Remixes

We are very happy to reveal the contenders for our ‘Take Me Back’ remix competition. A huge thank you to all the artists who took the time to work on these tracks and submit them. You did an outstanding job! The contest was open to all students currently enrolled in a recognized music production program at an Ontario College. We received entries from Fanshaw, OIART and Metalworks Institute. Submissions closed April 15th and our winner of $1000 and chocolate milk in bags for a year will be announced April 25th 2016. Enjoy all the remixes we received, including one from Eb Martin which was, “just for fun” as he is NOT a student. Big shout out to Metalworks Institute for most submissions!

Dreamed I’d live in Kits, ended up in Burnaby
Biking in the rain down to Wreck Beach
Stared into Lynn Canyon but got spooked out by the ghosts
Enough with the front Lake Huron’s my west coast

My buddies all got jobs and I wanted one too
I called up WestJet flew to Saskatoon
My green hands got dirty, it was a rough ride winter
I ain’t cut out for living the life of a welder

Worst case scenario
We be sippin’ beers on the patio
Take me back to the place I know, Ontari-ari-o
Worst case scenario
We’ll have Stompin’ Tom on the stereo
Take me back to Ontari-ari-o

I longed for the East Coast
And for JP’s Molly May
At Bretton Cove dreamed I’d sail away
Dropped my hook and sinker
And I waited on the line
Back home I’d have ten lake trout by this time
(No word of a lie)

Worst case scenario
We be sippin’ beers on the patio
Take me back to the place I know, Ontari-ari-o
Worst case scenario
We’ll have Stompin’ Tom on the stereo
Take me back to Ontari-ari-o

Oh we ain’t got no Rocky Mountain High
But we’re the bells of this buck ‘n doe tonight
Lost a euchre game dropped a bag of milk
Got a soaker like I never felt
Found a trillium on the back forty-o
Got it in the blood

Worst case scenario
We be sippin’ beers on the patio
Take me back to the place I know, Ontari-ari-o
Worst case scenario
We’ll have Stompin’ Tom on the stereo
Take me back to Ontari-ari-o

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Trent Severn join Rheostatics at Massey Hall


When asked by legendary Canadian band Rheostatics to contribute some harmonies to their upcoming Massey Hall concert on April 29th, we were over the moon! Yesterday we rehearsed with the band in Toronto and worked on two songs. We will also join them at their show on April 24th at the Starlight in Waterloo. Gazing around the rehearsal room we just looked at everyone and silently smiled to ourselves: “Legend. Legend. Legend. Legend…” And on and on. Each band member has contributed so much to the Canadian music landscape. We love this opportunity to get inside their totally unique, magical music. We feel so lucky! Hope to see you there.


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Trent Severn on Vinyl Cafe



We received a very exciting email from Jess Milton, the producer of The Vinyl Cafe – “I can’t believe it’s taken this long, but we’ve finally found a spot for the very awesome Trent Severn song Stealin’ Syrup
That show will air:
Saturday March 5 9am CBC Radio 2
Sunday March 6 12noon CBC Radio 1
Tuesday March 8 11pm CBC Radio 1

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Number One!

We’re not sure how this happened, but we know it’s thanks to you, community and campus radio! Big love and thanks from us. Exclaim! ‪#‎March2016‬

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Winter Warmer


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O Snow – The Holiday Remix



Apple Music



Google Play

Amazon Digital

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Stealin’ Syrup on Canada AM

What a thrill it was to perform live on national television! Thank you to everyone who tuned in this morning and cheered us on through social media and good vibes. Here’s the clip if you missed it. Oh – and yes Dayna’s mom got to meet her favourite TV host Jeff Hutcheson. See cutest picture ever below.


Darlene Manning and Jeff Hutcheson:


Lindsay, Dayna and Emm on set:


Lindsay, Dayna and Emm backstage in the greenroom:




Stealin’ syrup and I ain’t gonna stop
Boiling point four degrees on top
Stick it in a truck, ship it off way down south
Ain’t runnin’ drugs just tappin’ them trees
I’m in the business for me all me
Smell it in the air, sweet money floatin’ on the breeze 

Turn up Jean Leloup
Mute the morning news
Make ends meet make easy street
As the maple bark it drools 

Playin’ by the rules
Is for all those other fools
For the fleur-de-lis and the maple leaf
There’s never enough room
You only live once

Stealin’ syrup and I ain’t gonna stop
Boiling point four degrees on top
Stick it in a truck, ship it off way down south
Ain’t runnin’ drugs just tappin’ them trees
I’m in the business for me all me
Smell it in the air, sweet money floatin’ on the breeze

Build a sugar bush
Watch the good times gush
I won’t forget, it’s no regrets
When you’re in the amber rush

Grab your baseball hat
Take a gallon after that
For the fleur-de-lis and the maple leaf
It’s a sticky aftermath
You only live once

Stealin’ syrup and I ain’t gonna stop
Boiling point four degrees on top
Stick it in a truck, ship it off way down south
Ain’t runnin’ drugs just tappin’ them trees
I’m in the business for me all me
Smell it in the air, sweet money floatin’ on the breeze

Maybe all this ends like it always does
Some good guy you know
Spends years locked up
Well I hardly even tapped your reservoir
But you’ve got me singin’ au revoir

Stealin’ syrup and I ain’t gonna stop
Boiling point four degrees on top
Stick it in a truck, ship it off way down south
Ain’t runnin’ drugs just tappin’ them trees
I’m in the business for me all me
Smell it in the air, sweet money floatin’ on the breeze

Stealin’ syrup and I ain’t gonna stop

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December starts big for TS


Wednesday Dec 2 – Hugh’s Room

This is an official show to celebrate the release of our sophomore album in the big city! Not to mention that it’s a great excuse to perform at one of our favourite rooms in the country. Come join us for inside jokes and heartfelt ballads, and consider having a first class meal ahead of time. Tix and dinner reservations: 416.531.6604

Thursday Dec 3rd – Canada AM

We are so please to announce that we will be performing live on Canada AM this Thursday, December 3rd. We had planed to play O Snow, but the TV folks have asked for another song live and will tape O Snow for a future broadcast closer to Christmas. We sure are feeling lucky and grateful for this opportunity to entertain our fans across the country all at once! It’s just not fair that we can’t see you too.

Friday Dec 4th – Aeolian Hall

Trent Severn join Pan-Celtic favourites Rant Maggie Rant as special guests on the London Ontario stop of their annual Frost and Fire Christmas tour at Aeolian Hall. Look for some real fire coming from Lindsay’s fiddle as she performs with both bands! Expect a few collaborations and high energy.

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Haliburton High



It was a great time tonight with The Haliburton Folk Society in Minden, ON. Huge thanks to Eric, Walter, Barry, Mark, Amanda, Kris, Bethany, Ian, Thom, Dave and all the other amazing folks we met tonight. Big shout out to Harvey and all the plaid runway dancers tonight! Hope you all had a safe drive home. #OSnow

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O Snow – The Holiday Remix

Hi all, it looks like our new single “O Snow” will be out just in time for that cold white stuff.

This track was remixed by our friend Joe Corcoran for the Holidays, as suggested by our fan Wayne Parsons. Wayne wrote to us after hearing Trillium and suggested it could be a song for the Holiday Season too. Thanks for the inspiration Wayne.

If you like it, please call your local FM radio that features holiday music and request it! The single will be available for purchase on iTunes next Friday, Nov 27th.

O snow let it go, everybody knows
That it ain’t good, to keep that all inside
Send it on down, blow it all around
Cover my porch and my car
I don’t mind, no plans to get real far

How I love the thought of staying inside
Gettin’ locked down with a glass of wine
Might be why I haven’t moved yet
If I get real lucky my love will come by and
We’ll snuggle up and light this fire
And melt away

And you can do your thing
Without worrying
That you’re gettin’ in my way
Don’t feel bad
Sometimes you make my day

O snow look at you glow
Sparkling under the light
Must be hard to be falling all the time
Everybody thinks you’ve been pushing us around
But I know we’re bringing you down
The more I see of you, the more I know we’ve done you wrong

Oh I love the way you bury the past
Keep our eyes forward, slow down the fast – wherever we go
And you might sense a flake of resent
My back’s been better and this shovel’s all bent
And my fingers are cold

Still I try to understand
I know it’s with forced hand
When you’re gettin’ in my way
Don’t feel bad
Sometimes you make my day

You can do your thing
Without worrying
That you’re getting in my way
Don’t feel bad
Sometimes you make my day

O snow let it go, everybody knows
That it ain’t good, to keep that all inside

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Meet Lindsay Schindler


We are excited, honoured and so very grateful to have Lindsay Schindler join Trent Severn. We can’t wait for all of you to meet this wonderful person and to hear Lindsay’s incredible talent. Here’s a short introduction:

Lindsay Schindler is an Ontario-based fiddler, performer and teacher. As a young child studying classical violin she developed a valuable foundation and technical ability. A need to diversify and push boundaries led her to experiment with various other styles of music. Finding her passion in performance and fiddle music, she continues to learn repertoire from many regions of the world and write her own music as well.

Lindsay is a founding member of the popular Stratford-based group, ‘Rant Maggie Rant’, where she has built a reputation as a powerful fiddler with a contagious energy on stage. Rant Maggie Rant has been recognized with many accolades, awards and nominations including a Jack Richardson Award, London Music Award and International Celtic Artist of the Year in Australia.

Having performed in Ireland, Japan across the US and Canada, Lindsay has had the opportunity to bring her energy to many concert halls, theatres and festivals as well as perform in front of several symphony orchestras.

“With a tonne of excitement and gratitude I will be joining forces with Trent Severn. I want to wish the very best to Laura C. Bates in her many musical ventures, and promise to do my very best to fill her very large shoes!”


Photo by Steve Bayne

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Thank you LCB



Dear Friends,

With a heavy heart but sure footing, I am leaving my role in Trent Severn. Conflicts with my other projects and musical interests have made it impossible for me to give this band the time and attention it deserves. The last four years have been a tremendous experience, with many career accomplishments and unforgettable memories. By far the biggest highlight was the opportunity to work with Emm Gryner and Dayna Manning, two women whom I adore and admire both as musicians and as human beings.

My friend and fellow fiddler Lindsay Schindler will be assuming my role in Trent Severn. I have no doubt that she will kill it #CanuckCore style. I’m so proud of the new record, Trillium, and am excited for you all to hear the new songs in the months ahead.

Dayna and Emm: thank you both for an amazing run. It was an honor and a privilege to share the stage with you. Know that I’ll miss it, and wish you much continued success.

To our fans: thank you for your ongoing encouragement and support. You make this all possible and we love you for it.

Moving forward, I’m excited about the next stage in my career. Aside from performing in The Boxcar Boys and working on my heavier musical pursuits, I’ll be continuing my freelance work in Toronto and abroad. I’m eager to see what my life in music has in store for me!

With love and gratitude,


Photo by Raymond Sklar

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The Making of Trillium Part One – Goodbye Sadness

CD at Keyhole Castle

Photo from Gord in Linda in Prince Albert, SK holding the new CD up in front of The Keyhole Castle where we recorded some of the BG vocals for Goodbye Sadness

I have always been in awe of Spirit of The West. The star quality of John Mann, the rip roar of the accordion, the look of their audience – as though every day is St. Patrick’s Day. When that band plays, you feel as though worries and cares are buried deep under the audience’s voices collectively singing “Venice Is Sinking” at the tops of their lungs.

With “Goodbye Sadness”, I wanted to capture some of that spirit – of abandon, of wistful remembrance, and the great fishermen’s seas which surround our nation. An ode to a friend of mine from Ireland whom I have not seen for a very long time, “Goodbye Sadness”romanticizes that Trent Severn might be on the shores of Bonavista, Newfoundland and Labrador – staring across the Atlantic with a pint raised while my estranged friend would be doing the same in Inishmore, Ireland. Bonavista and Inishmore – these two places looked about the closest you could get to meeting up, without leaving each other’s countries. (I also maintain that Inishmore just sounds good in the chorus!)

Before the song was even written, it was sparked by something an attendant at the Esso gas station in St. Marys, Ontario said to me after I filled up the family car one day. Dissatisfied or bewildered with the weather which was cold one day, buggy the next, he shrugged his shoulders and said to me empathetically, “frost bites or fly bites!”. The Trent Severn light bulb went off and the phrase was filed away for insertion in this song.

Establishments mentioned in the song include the fabulous Little Red’s Eatery in St. Marys (“Little Red’s got Guinness / Come see us taking care of business”). In researching this song, I texted one of the owners Chris Woolf. “Do you serve Guinness? Asking for a friend”. Doyle’s pub near Trinity College in Dublin also gets a mention, as it was somewhere I performed a songwriter’s night every Tuesday evening many years ago. The downstairs section of the pub would always be packed with drunk college kids by 4pm, but by 8pm there was a special night upstairs called “Ruby Sessions” where people were ordered to be quiet and listen to new songwriters. Many Canadian musicians have performed there and it was a place of magic.

Other lyrics – like “let the 30-foot swells make their way” refer to a trip my husband took across the Atlantic to see me in Ireland some years back. The trip took place one November via freighter from Montreal to Liverpool and the waves swelled to a breathtaking height of 30 feet.

The Ontario tie in this song? Adelaide, a small community near London, Ontario where my Irish ancestors, the McCabe family settled and began farming. My dad was born in 1934 – many years after their arrival.

Producer Dayna knocked this one out of the park on our recording by allowing some good-time unison vocals and keeping the tempo right in the perfect spot, a little bit pedantic as if to mimic the sway of a fisherman’s boat and just fast enough to tap your toe without completely spilling your pint of Labatt 50. – Emm

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Release Day is here!

Alright. Trent Severn’s Sophomore album TRILLIUM was released today!

Here a lyric vid for the first single – Nil Visibility by Frank Gryner

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Trillium CD Release Parties

Celebrate our new CD with us! Our first CD release show is October 9th at Revival house in Stratford and the second will be December 3rd at Hugh’s Room in Toronto.

Tickets for Stratford are available here.
Tickets for Toronto are available through Hugh’s Room.


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August Shows

We have some super great summer shows coming up this month in Ontario, including Goderich Celtic Music Fest next weekend, and shows at Castle Kilbride, Stratford Summer Music, the Grand Bend beach, Gravenhurst and this stellar night with The Sadies in Bayfield on the 15th!
Make plans:


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Hometown Holiday


Stratford!! Are you ready to celebrate with us? We are so excited to be spending our favourite day of the year with our hometown crowd. We look forward to seeing you at festival marketplace, (behind City Hall) in your red white and plaid at 3pm!

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A Concert in the Country

A concert in the country! It truly was. We left the amps and microphones behind and played the Little Church in Avonbank, a tiny treasure in the middle of Ontario farmland. Last Friday, folks from St. Marys and Stratford and points in between gathered in the pews to hear some of our old and new tunes! Thanks to Mike Bachner for the amazing shots of the night: 

We had just come from a phenomenally inspiring photo shoot with renowned photographer Mark Maryanovich, which took us all around Stratford from J.W. Tire’s back lot to the Cooper Site to the riverside near freshly born baby swans. “Eyes over here!” ordered Mark as we could not stop adoring and gazing at the fluffy cygnets.

image-12  image-13

The church filled in quickly by 8pm and we took to the stage. We had not expected it to be so packed so our acoustic show quickly got lively and rowdy! We ended up walking through the crowd and serenading folks at the back of the church. We also debuted some new songs including “Stealin’ Syrup”, a song about the 2012 maple syrup heist.

We signed autographs in the basement and drank homemade lemonade and ate home-baked oat squares after the show. We loved meeting everyone and we sure hope to play again at the beautiful Little Church. When a place like that is preserved with love and care by residents and the community, it makes for a truly special night. Thanks to Ev Scott and all of the supporters of the Little Church and independent musicians!


Up next: Canada Day celebrations at Stratford’s Market Square 3pm July 1st! Check out the shows page for details.

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#WearPlaidForDad results are in


We are thrilled to announce that after online processing fees we collected $130 dollars to donate to the #WearPlaidForDad campaign through sales of our song, “Nil Visibility” this weekend. We cannot thank you enough for making the choice to be a part of this cause with us, and for checking out this special opportunity to preview our new album, “Trillium” out August 14th.

For the love of all Dads, we have decided to match your donations and will be sending off a cheque for $260 to Prostate Cancer Canada this week.

Much love and thanks to you all, TS



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TRILLIUM  and #WearPlaidForDad

The wait is almost over! We’re so excited that our new album TRILLIUM is about to bloom, but before its officially released October 9th we invite you to pre-order your own personalized copy here. As soon as we have received them yours will be the first to be signed and delivered to your door.


While most of you have already jumped aboard our plaid bandwagon, June 19th is a particularly important day to wear plaid, whether you’re at our Trent Severn concert in Avonbank tonight or not. The #WearPlaidForDad campaign encourages everyone to sport a bit of plaid for the day to raise awareness and funds related to Prostate Cancer prevention and treatment.


To play our part starting June 19 (and only until the end of Sunday June 21st) we are offering a sneak peak of our new album by offering the presale of our track “Nil Visibility” for $0.99, with all proceeds going to the Wear Plaid For Dad campaign.


This is a cause that is close to home for everyone, so we thought we’d share some photos of our rad Dads in their plaid (also sporting their Trent Severn caps – available online).
Happy Father’s Day weekend to all, but especially to our ever supportive Trent Severn Dads.


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Mid-June Adventures

The weekend started early for Dayna, when she gave a music biz lecture to the wonderful students of OIART Thursday. Much to her delight, she walked in to a room full of traditional Trent Severn audience attire – plaid of course!  A big thanks to Mark Vogelsang and all at OIART for hosting Dayna.


We dodged thunderstorms and hit the high seas this weekend. Trent Severn had a truly Ontarrific weekend which kicked off by playing the new dinner cruise series on the Chi-Cheemaun. The ferry left in sunshine from Tobermory and we, along with over 120 seafarers (er..lakefarers?) dined on local Manitoulin Island whitefish and local wine and cider from an outstanding Bruce Peninsula winery called Coffin Ridge. As we played to the audience our view was blue water for kilometres and untouched islands. Steve Richie who once shredded in Tanglefoot introduced us and we were glad to meet a legend!




The next morning we hightailed it to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame to sing the Canadian national anthem. This fabulous event occurs yearly in St. Marys and brings athletes, fans and friends from far and wide. We jumped at our chance to get our photo with two Mounties and Blue Jays legend Carlos Delgado.

image_10  image_1

The next day we debuted a song called “Goodbye Sadness” at the Deep Waters Music student showcase which also served as a fundraiser for our friend Benjamin Dressler of the band Reignfall. Ben was seriously injured in a car accident and Emm followed up the Trent Severn newbie tune with a song she wrote for Ben. Here’s the link to purchase the song, all proceeds go to Ben’s recovery.

Through thunderstorms and lightning we soldiered and arrived in muggy weather to the beautiful Two Creeks Conservation Area in Wheatley, ON about an hour south of Chatham-Kent. It was too rainy for us to play the beautiful wooden stage by the forest but Rick and Wes and James got us set up in style in the pavilion.


We didn’t complain as we were playing nice and close to the BBQ of fresh summer delights and the coffee! We were thrilled to see John and Michele Law in the audience (Dayna and Michele were sporting matching Kingsville Folk Fest shirts) and then Reese came up and played some percussion which looked a little more like martial arts moves! We thank everyone who made this amazing show happen. Do make your way down to Kingsvillle Folk Fest this year in August – although we aren’t performing this year a host of unbelievable artists are including Lynn Miles, Natalie McMaster and Ashley MacIsaac.

Big thanks to Susan Schrempf, Kaleena from Ontario Ferries and James Keelaghan for getting us on the ferry to perform! Thank you also to Scott Crawford and Stephanie Martin for our Stonetown shows at the Hall of Fame and Pyramid Centre! Thanks to Rick Taves and The Laws for making a very special show at Two Creeks happen. We are a very lucky band.

View all the photos from our weekend on our flickr page here:

Next stop: UNPLUGGED @ AVONBANK! check out the shows page for details.
image-2  image-3

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June 12th – Romance on the Chi-Cheemaun


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Springworks Opening Night


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SK, MB here we come!


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Thank you!

Sending huge thanks to all the volunteers at Acoustic Harvest who set us up for an excelent performance last Saturday night, and to all of you who came out in that snow. Very “Canuck Core” if you ask us.

Here are some wonderful photos from the evening by our friend Raymond Sklar. Click this photo or here to view the series.


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Next Show – Toronto February 7th


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Here we come Almonte, ON

Can’t tell you what a wonderful weekend we had. Fantastic audiences, and our hosts were bar none. Thank you Kevin, Allison and Becca at Stonecroft,  and to Mark and Barb Oliver at the TECDC concert series in Tamworth, ON.

Next up we’re playing the beautuful Town Hall in Almonte, ON  – 39min from Ottawa.almonte


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2014 Trent Severn Top Moments

We couldn’t be more excited about the adventures that 2015 has in store for us, but first we’d like to give a nod back to 2014 and to share a few of the wonderful moments we’ve had and some of the good folks we’ve met this year:

1. Playing our fan and friend Mark Aquilla’s 50th birthday party and raising money for the Toronto Wildlife Centre at the same time! MarkAquillaandTS

2. Watching Gordon Lightfoot backstage at Hugh’s Room tell Dayna she is a great guitar player.

3. Sitting in on a Snowbirds pre-show brief in Stratford. Amazing concentration and vibrance!

4. Everyone standing up when we sang O Canada at Summerfolk in Owen Sound.

5. Debuting our new song King Of The Background at the Black Swan Revival.

6. Collaborating on our new song From Canada with the song’s inspiration himself, Bill Lishman.

7. Recording David Woodhead’s killer bass lines on King Of The Background.

8. Hearing J.P. Cormier shred at Kingsville Folk Festival!

9. Doing an interview with Jan Hall of Folk Roots Radio at the Folk Music Ontario conference.

10. Finishing writing our new album and preparing for a 2015 release.

Kingsville2014Happy New Year Canada, see you in 2015!

Photos by Mark Coatsworth

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The Prairies

Trent Severn is extremely pleased to announce that we will be making our first Canadian Prairie appearances in Saskatchewan and Manitoba this March.

We are determined to beat the bitter cold and bring some sweet Canadiana warmth your way. Hope you can join us.

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Plaid is Rad

Did we mention that we have new hats? They’re quite popular and are now available at Maple Music. They are flex-fit and the S/M fits almost all, except our exceptionally smart friends with huge brains.


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Ottawa 10/22/2014


We are greatly affected by the events in our capital yesterday and the ultimate loss of Corpral Nathan Cirillo. We are dedicating our performances in Alberta this weekend to the memory of Cpl. Cirillo and to his loved ones, hoping to raise the spirits of our fellow Canadians.


Laura, Dayna and Emm

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Calgary October 24th


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Dave Brosha “Snowy Soul”

We collaborated with Canadian Creative Photographer, artist and friend Dave Brosha to offer the soundtrack to “Snowy Soul”, his Canadian landscape video “post card”. Let your eyes be delighted!!

Dave’s Facebook page is a joy to be a part of, with almost 35,000 followers from across the country who share photos, and photography tips and tricks. We highly suggest following along on his, and ultimately many other folk’s adventures.

xo, TS

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Meet Evan

Meet Evan, the kid behind Evan’s Touch the Truck.


Evan was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, days before his 2nd birthday. Evan’s Touch the Truck features local companies who bring their vehicles, tractors, trucks, & machines to the Milt Dunnel Field in St. Marys from on Sep 13 from 10 – 2 pm, for the children to explore. This year, there also is a street show by the OPP Golden Helmets at 11 am. The event in support of Childcan, a charity that supports local children with childhood cancer.  (Evan’s 6th birthday is also on Sunday!!)

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Snowbirds and Trent Severn Unite

From a chance meeting in Fort St. John in 2009, to a song call Freedom, to another encounter on Parliament Hill in 2013… and now Trent Severn history! It all happens this coming Wednesday folks.


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Sunset Sounds

Just had to post this awesome photo by Janette Baillie from our Grand Bend Summer Sunset Sounds in partnership with Aquafest show on August 10th. We sure ended up with the best view that night. A huge thanks to Jennifer Mossop who made this wonderful night happen for all of us.



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We’re all packed up and ready to head out to our very first Summerfolk Festival! Here’s our performance schedule for the weekend. Can’t wait to see you there.


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Weekend Run Down Aug 8th – 11th

We’re so busy this weekend, that we started making a list! We thought we would share it in case you want to keep up with us, which we would love.

Friday August 8th
Main Stage 8:20pm

Saturday August 9th

Pillar Stage – 2:20pm 3:15pm
Workshop -“All About a Song” w/ Jane Sibbery, Kelly Authier, J.P. Comier and Host David Francey

Acoustic Stage – 4:30pm – 5pm w/ Donna Creighton

Sunday August 10th
7pm on the Main Beach – FREE!

Monday August 11th
7pm doors, Variety of artists 7:30 -10:30pm

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Black Swan Revival – August 11th 2014

We are thrilled to announce that we have been added to the bill at The Black Swan Revival show in Stratford next Monday August 11th at Knox Church. The show starts at 7pm and is 100% fundraiser for a very important local charity, Shelterlink.

We will have the honour of performing alongside the likes of David Woodhead, Valdy, Cedric Smith, Joe Hall and other local legends. We are performing three tunes, and have decided that one of these will be the premier our new song “King of the Background”, an empathetic tribute to Stratford’s own Richard Manuel of The Revols, The Hawks and The Band.

It is important to us to debut this song with Richards local friends, in Knox Church where his funeral was held after his tragic suicide in 1986. We feel performing it there for the first time will be an essential piece of the song’s story.

When we told the Black Swan’s proprietor and revival co-ordinator, Harry Findlay that we would be premiering “King of the Background”, he told us how Richard was amazing at sweeping up The Black Swan at the end of the night in its first year, when they were just kids. It sure sounds like he was King of the Background then, although the meaning in our song is a bit different.

Recently penned as “The Pioneers of Americana music” in the tag line of Craig Harris’ new book “The Band”, we would like to take this moment to kindly remind everyone that four out of five of those boys were 100% Ontarian. #canadiana

Please, come join us to celebrate, revel in and honour our real life local legends. #100milemusic #canuckcore #blackswanrevival

Black Swan Revival 2014

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TS Tees

We are pleased to announce that we finally have Trent Severn shirts! Unabashedly Canadian in style, you can find these new 3/4 sleeve raglan tees available at our shows going forward. Unisex sizes S through XXL are available. We will put them up for sale online here around the end of August.

See you this weekend at Kingsville Folk Festival, Sunday in Grand Bend at Aquafest, and the following weekend at Summerfolk!

photo 2


Happy 147th Birthday Canada!

It’s hard to believe that a year ago today we had the honour of singing O Canada at the official Flag-Raising ceremony on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. We have never felt such pride for our country and such relief the moment that we had succeeded – talk about a high pressure gig! Thanks to our friend Peter Janes who captured this epic moment on camera:

We encourage you to download our version for free and play it at your hockey games or high school assemblies. 

Last year, we also had the pleasure of playing with Commander Hadfield on his first earthly performance of David Bowie’s Space Oddity… needless to say, July 1st 2013 will certainly go down in Trent Severn history!

We could not think of a better way spend this Canada Day than by working away on our new album. Here is a sneak preview of a track list that we’re hashing out:


We’re also gearing up to rock some summer festivals! We’d love to see you at Home County in London, Savour Stratford, Kingsville Folk Music Festival, Summerfolk in Owen Sound, and Aquafest in Grand Bend.

Sending Gratitude to the Sleeping Giant

We are still buzzing with the energy from our audience last night in Thunder Bay at the Finlandia Hall. A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone at the Sleeping Giant Folk Society who made our performance possible and who continue to present such fantastic concerts.  I can’t believe we got to autograph a guitar case also signed by Rose Cousins, Red Moon Road, The Great Lake Swimmers and Ron Hynes!

A standing ovation goes out to Elly Tose, Dennis Dacey, Barb Campbell, Jenn and Ian Gill, Krista & Brian Campbell, Gerald Graham, and Hugh Briggs and Margaret Evans for all of their hard work, and to everyone who lent us their ears.




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Love and Maple Syrup

Happy Spring Canada!

Inspired by the long awaited thaw we recorded our version of Gordon Lightfoot’s brilliant song Love and Maple Syrup. This track is also a prelude to our second album that is in the works. We hope you enjoy it!


If you would like to purchase this track you may do so here.

Big thanks to Mr. Lightfoot for writing this incredible song, to Dayna Manning for arranging, engineering and producing this track, and to Reuben Ghose of Mojito Mastering for mixing it.

On the drive home from our gig in Ottawa this past weekend I was lucky to catch a glimpse of the sap lines in the woods of eastern Ontario, a welcome reassurance that  in spite of the snow flakes that accompanied that moment, spring is here! I asked my uncle to send me some photos from the sugar shack at the Bates’ family farm where he is harvesting maple syrup right now. Check it out!  Thanks for sharing Uncle Jim!

sugar bush 2014 007

sugar bush 2014 002

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inspired by Gordon Lightfoot

Tomorrow we begin our performances at Hugh’s Room for the 12th Annual “Way We Feel”: A Celebration of the Music of Gordon Lightfoot concerts.

We’re honoured to pay tribute to our country’s beloved cultural icon, and we’re certainly not taking these gigs lightly! We’ve been hard at work crafting our own renditions of Love and Maple Syrup, Ghosts of Cape Horn and Go-Go Round and we can’t wait to share them with the audiences.

We’ve learned a lot during our arrangement and rehearsal processes and I know we’re in for even more enlightenment over the three days as we embrace the contributions of our fellow performers.

My father, the ever resourceful Dave Bates lent me this Toronto Star article he’d filed away in 2005, right before Gordon returned to Massey Hall for his annual concerts after 19 months in hospital. It’s hard to believe that this was written nearly a decade ago, and it’s ever inspiring to know that Mr. Lightfoot still continues to make and write history.Lightfoot2005article

I’d like to share just a couple lines from this article that stood out to me:

It’s work — not inspiration — that makes a good song, and lonely work, very selfish work.

I’m very good with intervals, the spaces between notes in a chord – something I learned at music school. (The music schooled geek in me loves this line, as like me, Lightfoot studied jazz composition)

Finally, in response to the many concerts that are done in tribute to him:  I love it when people come up to me in the street as if they’ve known me all their lives, and just start chatting. It makes me feel good to be alive, good to be a Canadian. But I think Stompin’ Tom is the one who really deserves the tributes. 

A digital version of this article can be found here should you like to read more.

– Laura

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2013 Trent Severn Top Tens



As we say goodbye to a very exciting 2013 and welcome 2014, we thought we would each share our top ten “Trent Severn” moments of the year, and what a year it has been! Collectively, we would like to thank all of you who have supported us  and to extend a sincere wish for a fantastic 2014 to you and your family.


Top Ten TS moments by Laura C Bates:

10. Emm and Dayna photo bombing Gordon Lightfoot at the Ottawa Folk Festival
9. Meeting the Snowbirds, it turns out they’re just like a band, but way cooler.
8. Receiving a standing ovation at the Candian Folk Awards showcase
7. Surprising Dave Bates on his birthday with an Aengus Finnan appearance at our Stratford Show. We backed Aengus up on his song “War Brides” and I saw a tear in my Dad’s eye.
6. The joyful eruption in the crowd when Chris Hadfield sang the first line of Space Oddity with us on Canada Day
5. Seeing the article about us  in MacLean’s magazine and making two of their yearly lists.
4. The personalized gifts we have received from our friends, especially the denim jackets designed by Mark and Paula Aquilla (to be revealed in 2014!)
3. Having beers at Richard Manuel’s grave in the Stratford cemetery
2. Hearing the opening line of Emm’s new song “Nil Visibility” (to be revealed in 2014!)
1. Singing the National Anthem on Parliament Hill (my first gig as a vocalist/not armed with my fiddle!)


Top Ten TS moments by Emm Gryner:

10. Playing at The Westover Inn, St. Mary’s – April 2013 (hometown show!)
9. Playing a bluegrass Space Oddity with Chris Hadfield in Ottawa
8. Singing the national anthem on Parliament Hill on Canada Day
7. Playing among the mountains of The Yukon and northern BC during summer
6. Sitting together as a band at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, knowing we will be doing this a lot (hopefully) in the future
5.  Drinking Scotch with Laura at the Travelodge in Calgary after our fab show at the Folk Club
4. Hearing Dayna’s new song “King of the background” about Richard Manuel
3. Seeing Dayna get engaged to Aengus before my very own eyes. Wow!
2. Playing for one of my new close friends at Factory 163 in Stratford (and my 3 year-old) for the first time.
1. Talking to Chris Hadfield in space from our Goderich show and not dropping the call as we serenaded him with “Truscott”.


Top Ten TS moments by Dayna Manning:

10. The whole Canadian Folk Music Awards experience especially the show at the Calgary Folk Club where Shannon & Randelle met Emm & Laura for the first time.
9. Meeting Benoit Osborne, Amy Kenny, Rubin Ghose, Kim Winnicky, Kim Beggs,  Secret Agent KR, Suze Casey, Tom Coxworth, Andy Frank, Andy Donnelly, Shelagh Rodgers, Bob Reid and Dieter & Silke Gade.
8. Baking cookies for the West Coast Music Awards promoter with Emm in Calgary so we could get a real piano to for her to play the Jann Arden tribute on.
7. My parents getting their own flannels to wear to our shows.
6. Impromptu performance at the Toronto Airport Sheridan lobby bar with LCB and Indio Saravanja, when there was no power in the hotel because of the Toronto flood. We were on our way to Whitehorse YT. Actually that whole trip, especially playing the Globe Theatre and the St. Elias Convention Centre.
5. Playing Space Oddity on the banjo with a real live Astronaut in Ottawa on Canada Day. Pinch me.
4. Golfing with the Snowbirds and watching them fly to our song Freedom.

3. Our March 15th Goderich, ON show, getting ready for the call from the International Space Station, talking and singing to Chris Hadfield, all of  Darryl’s,  (our soundman) excitement.
2. Singing the last line of O Canada at the flag raising ceremony on Parliament Hill on Canada day, because it was the line I enjoyed the most. The anxiety of making a mistake was gone. It was like an Olympian smiling at the last moments of their perfected routine.
1. Getting engaged to the love of my life at the Trent Severn staff Christmas party.
Yukon Photo Credit: Mark Aquilla
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Goodnight Canada Post

Today is an historic day. Canada Post announced today it will phase out door-to-door mail delivery in several urban centres.

Trent Severn stamps

It’s also an historic day for our band as we announce Trent Severn postage stamps!

In my town of St. Marys, the change of no door-to-door will have little effect as residents have been trudging to the post office in sleet, snow and sun to collect letters and parcels for several years. We have not had mail come to our front doors for a while now.

The one upside of no urban delivery in my town is that the post office is a buzzing centre of social activity. Old friends smile and shake hands. New friends meet and stop to chat. I’m sure the postal workers at our post office have a different, very over-worked view but I do enjoying seeing them as much as my neighbours.

Here’s a little history on the first airmail delivery in Canada which is quite fascinating.

The first regular airmail delivery in 1928.

The first regular airmail delivery in 1928.


Leaside Aerodrome was an airport in the Town of Leaside, Ontario (now a neighbourhood of Toronto). It opened in 1917 as a Royal Flying Corps airfield during the First World War.

Unlike nearby Armour Heights Field, the airfield was not abandoned at the end of the war, but was acquired for use by the Toronto Flying Club. After the war, the airstrip became the site of Canada’s first delivery of airmail on June 24, 1918 when pilot Brian Peck delivered 120 letters from Montreal (taking off from Bois-Franc Field). This delivery was initially organized at the behest of some of his friends in Montreal who wanted letters delivered to Toronto; however when the Post Office Department heard of the plans, they gathered together the letters as a test of an airmail system. A modern plaque at the site of Leaside Aerodrome reads: “At 10:12 a.m. on June 24, 1918, Captain Brian Peck of the Royal Air Force and mechanic Corporal C.W. Mathers took off from the Bois Franc Polo Grounds in Montreal in a JN-4 Curtiss two-seater airplane. They had with them the first bag of mail to be delivered by air in Canada. Wind and rain buffetted the small plane and forced it to make refuelling stops at Kingston and Deseronto. Finally, at 4:55 p.m., Peck and Mathers landed at the Leaside Aerodrome (immediately southwest of here). The flight had been arranged by a civilian organization, the Aerial League of the British Empire, to demonstrate that aviation was the way of the future.”[1] A regular air express service began in 1928.

Please check back in the next weeks on how to order your own book of Trent Severn stamps.

And keep sending us those postcards on what inspires you about Canada. We will trudge to the community mailbox in Stratford happily to retrieve them and respond (yes by snail mail).


Trent Severn

356 Ontario Street

Suite # 228

Stratford On. N5A 7X6


— Emm

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TS and YYC


Click image for full size details. Can’t wait to see you there! Oh and don’t forget to join us Sunday night for the CFMA awards at University Theatre at U of C!

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Two Nominations!

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 11.50.11 AM







We’re truly honoured to be nominated in two categories at the Canadian Folk Music awards:  New/Emerging Artist of the Year Award, and Vocal Group of the Year.

Thanks so much to our friends who come to our shows and who’ve bought our debut album. This band is possible because of all of you. Seriously.

We can’t wait to celebrate the one year anniversary of our debut album at the award ceremony in Calgary on November 10th.

Tickets for the gala are $40 and are available at 403 220-­7202 or online at

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We’re Practicing











Check out the shows page for upcoming dates you can chew on.

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Post Cards from Atlin, BC

Trent Severn read post cards from the road in Atlin, BC. Use the post card in our cd to write us or send a note to:

Trent Severn
356 Ontario Street
Suite 228
Stratford, ON
N5A 7X6

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Canada Day Dream

First of all in true Canadian fashion, please accept my apologies for not updating all of you on our Canada Day Ottawa experience sooner. Our whole trip has been a bit of a dream and I have needed to come down off this cloud, back to reality in order to blog!

Where should I start. Well – why not on waking up on Canada Day. We’re up bright and early, getting ready for our 8:30 am lobby call to sing O Canada at the official Flag-Raising ceremony on Parliament Hill. We’re combing our locks, pressing our flannels, singing our warm ups – and mid note, Laura announces we have received an email from the Snowbirds themselves! I shreek of course.

“We heard about your band and are hoping to catch your set, if you don’t see us, come find us int eh VIP tent later. We’ll have red golf shirts on!”

The Snowbirds are sheer absolute amazement for me. Skill I just don’t understand at it’s absolute best.

So with that quick heart start we piled in the NCC van and headed to the hill. We had plenty of time to take in the Changing of the Guard Ceremony and watch completely honoured as the Flag-Raising Ceremony took place. It was totally surreal to think that we would be singing the anthem after all of this. Emm quickly reminded us that the huge croud may sing along, which I hadn’t thought about.

We were all nervous but we didn’t talk about it. We all knew this was the one time the audience would not forgive us if we messed up. We weren’t singing the national anthem that day, we were singing THE national anthem. We didn’t realy talk about the pressure. We have a trust in each other that we will be there when needed, and we were. As Laura said later “It had to be a hat-trick”. We nailed our mixed language acapella version and the crowd didn’t sing. They respectfully stood on guard and listened, coming to a roaring cheer at the end. I don’t think we could have been more proud.

Here is the version of O Canada we performed. BTW several versions of O Canada are available for free download. Press “O Canada” above and follow the link directly to Soundcloud to do so. We are hoping you’ll play these at your schools and minor/major/hometown hockey games.

The second task of the day was to perform Space Oddity with Chris Hadfield and Joe Corcoran, the talented producer of Chris’s Space video that has been watched a few million times. Did you know that Emm also helped to coordinate that and played the piano?

We were able to have a rehearsal with Chris the day before, so we got our star struck jitters out then, but I wasn’t prepared for the sheer amount of folks who would be there. Here is a quick photo of the crowd.


Everything went off without a hitch and we were thrilled to be a part of this down to earth event.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Glen Hallam for editing this official Space Oddity performance video together from several videos that were taken that day. Glen, this was really nice of you and we appreciate it so much. We have a little thank you coming your way.


At 8pm a pretty tired Trent Severn played our set at Major’s Hill Park. It was such an exciting day, and we used all the energy we had left to perform our show… but little did we know that it was going to get more exciting! Laura and I decided after our set to go find the Snowbirds, as they suggested, and give them each a copy of our CD (seeing as Freedon is a song for them and all).

Off to Parliament Hill we went, backstage passes in hand. We asked everyone we came across if they knew the whereabouts of the “VIP” tent and it was quite hard to find, as it was in front of the stage, not behind it  – duh – lol. We spent a few moments taking in Metric, sitting on the stairs of the hill watching 100,000 people in front of us. A moment I will never forget.

When it was time for fireworks we had the best seat in the house – the back of Parliament Hill. After a spectacle of lights like I’ve never seen, we turned around, and lo and behold I found one! A Snowbird! He graciously rounded up all 10 birds and posed for a photo on the Hill with  Laura and I. Big thanks to my friend Dirk Kuig for snapping this shot.

What an ending to THE perfect Trent Severn Canada Day.





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Happy Canada Day!

Bonne Fete du Canada!

Wear your maple mind, your snowy soul and your glowing heart wherever you go.

Trent Severn July 1st Ottawa Schedule:

9:30 O Canada Flag-Raising Ceremony, Parliament Hill

3:30 Space Oddity with Chris Hadfield and Joe Corcoran, Major’s Hill Park

8:00 Full Trent Severn Set, Major’s Hill Park

Take note – the version of Oh Canada we will be singing at Parliament Hill this morning is available for Free Download under the tab O Canada above. Specifically, today we are singing the mixed language acapella version.

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Twas the night before Canada Day

Well, this is it. We’re all rehearsed, we’re all soundchecked. Almost all the flags are up and the flannels are ironed. I think the best thing about Canada Day in Ottawa is that you get to do everything twice, once for rehearsal and once for real. Here are a few shots from our exciting day. Sleep well Canada. See you in the AM!

Emm and Laura at soundcheck with Chris Hadfield, looking very healthy and well. He is very down to Earth:


Dayna and Chris


From Major’s Hill Park look out with Parliament Hill in the background


Oh Canada rehearsal  – PH


Dayna and Benoit Osborne, the Artistic Programming Coordinator  for the NCC. Can you believe his is running a 5k in the AM before he starts his big day tomorrow? Good luck Benoit  – we are so proud of you!







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Trent Severn Kick Off Summer Tour in Most Canadian Way



Stratford Ontario trio take a call from space during a recent show, announce tour dates, including Canada Day duet in Ottawa.

Trent Severn has certainly been on a maple sugar roller coaster since their debut release last November. The Stratford, Ontario folk band has garnered a slew of rave reviews, nods from the likes of Burton Cummings and appeared on CBC’s “Q”. The plaid clad musicians were even featured in the March 24th issue of  the iconic MacLean’s Magazine. But if you ask the trio what takes the cake, it was a call mid set from Commander Chris Hadfield on the International Space Station which came patched through the soundboard to their sold out Goderich, Ontario show. The trio shared some friendly banter and serenaded Commander Hadfield as he watched the sunset over the South Pacific. The moment was quite special, as the band chose to sing one of Hadfield’s favourite Trent Severn songs, “Truscott” which struck a chord close to home for the local audience.

Watch the video of the space call and song here:

Plans to meet Commander Hadfield face to face are underway. Trent Severn is kicking off their 2013 summer tour dates with their dream come true – Canada Day in Ottawa. The trio will be performing the national anthem in perfect harmony at the Flag-Raising Ceremony at 9:30am on Parliament Hill, followed by a full set at Major Hill’s Park at 8pm. An additional highlight of the day will be meeting Commander Hadfield on the ground for a special duet.

July 1st 2013 – Ottawa, Ontario Flag-Raising Ceremony – Parliament Hill 9:30am

July 1st 2013 – Ottawa, Ontario Major Hill’s Park 8pm

July 4th 2013  – Toronto, Ontario Toronto Botanical Gardens

July 10th 2013 – Haines Junction, Yukon Territory St. Elias Convention Centre

July 12th – 14th 2013 – Atlin, British Columbia  Atlin Arts & Music Festival

Sept 5th 2013 – Stratford, Ontario Factory 163
In support of the 100 Women 100 days Campaign in Stratford Perth for Habitiat for Humanity

Sept 6th 2013 – Sarnia, Ontario Imperial Theatre
Featuring special guest Donovan Woods and a portion of ticket sales will go to the IODE Municipal Chapter (75th anniversary)


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New shows

Just added dates in Toronto and Sarnia. Hooray Ontario!

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Emm Gryner on CBC

If you missed Trent Severn’s very own Emm Gryner spinning her playlist on CBC radio this weekend, you can find it online here.

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 8.29.07 PM

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Happy Easter Canada

Hey Canada! We wanted to share this fantastic photo of a young Guelph, ON Trent Severn fan in her flannel & ears that we received this weekend. We don’t think flannel can get cuter! Thanks Kenny family.

We hope the bunny was good to you and that you are enjoying this lovely spring day.

Cheers, TS

Trent severn Easter

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Trent Severn on Roots Radio March 28th 2013

Last week we spent a lovely afternoon with Andy Frank from Roots Music Canada in his Toronto studio. Andy welcomed us with tea and even sported his Canucks jersey for our arrival!

Tomorrow morning at 9am EST you can tune in to hear us chat and personally take you through our whole album on We all had a blast chatting with Andy and can’t wait to hear what he has put together.

Here’s a link to the blog about the show.

Night Canada,



Laura, Dayna Andy Frank & Emm 3/19/2013

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In The Studio Podcast

Happy Tuesday Canada! Thanks to our friend Peter Janes we have a copy of the CFRB interview that aired this weekend for your listening pleasure. Enjoy some audio clips and some talk talk. Cheers, TS

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Live on “In The Studio”

This week we taped an interview with the incredibly talented hosts (and songwriters!!) Blair Packham and Bob Reid  of  “In The Studio” on News Talk 1010 in Toronto. It will air tonight, Saturday March 23rd at 8pm and tomorrow, Sunday March 24th at 10pm. Tune in!



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Toronto Star

TS was on the front of The Toronto Star entertainment section this past Tuesday… with JT!

Read the article online here.


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Space Serenade

When the stars align for Trent Severn to play music together, some pretty amazing things seem to take place, like what happened at the East Street Station last night in Goderich, ON. We are thrilled to share this video of a very special phone call from Canadian Astronaut and current Commander of the International Space Station Chris Hadfield, which we received from space mid set. We want to write way more about this, but all have to run to our Hamilton show right now!


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TS in MacLean’s Magazine


We’re pretty honoured that there’s a full page write up on Trent Severn in the most recent edition of Canada’s current affairs magazine “MacLean’s”. The March 25th edition hit news stands yesterday. We’d like to extend a big thanks to MacLean’s and author Tabassum Siddiqui for their hard work on the piece. Also thanks to Terence Gui for contributing the photo. Here’s the article online.

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RIP Stompin’ Tom


“It was a long hard bumpy road, but this great country kept me inspired with it’s beauty, character, and spirit, driving me to keep marching on and devoted to sing about its people and places that make Canada the greatest country in the world.”

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Post Cards Two

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We love our album art


These days, with iTunes and MP3s racing around everywhere, the amazing art of putting the physical album together is sometimes lost. We just wanted to give a big shout out to our designer Megan Brooks for bringing our ideas of Canadian stamps and vintage postcards to life. Here’s a few links to her website, specifically to our TS items she has showcased so very well. Thanks again Megan! (Hire her you won’t regret it)

TS Layout   Via Ink Blog

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Trent Severn – Freedom (Live at Verge Music Lab)

Canada – This is our valentine to you.

A big thanks to Orange Peel Pictures who shot and edited the video and Mojito Mastering who recorded this performance (and mastered our LP) at Verg Music Lab.

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Point of View

Last Wednesday, Dec. 19th, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfiled headed for the International Space Station from Kazakhstan, Russia. Chris will become the first Canadian Commander of the space station this March. Isn’t that unbelievable? I know we all (TS girls) watched the launch on from our respective computers along with most of Canada, wide eyed and completely amazed.

Right now I’m sitting in an airport writing this blog on a layover. I’ve completed one flight of my pair of Christmas take-offs. Every time I get on an airplane I am wide eyed and amazed. How do they get these 200 people with each of their 50lb bags up into the sky and to their destinations so smoothly? Let alone the thousands of others sharing the sky right now? It really is inconceivable to me.

Each time I fly think of one of my favourite music lovers, C.S. – a pilot for Air Canada who does this everyday for his living. When the Trent Severn CD came out, C.S. sent the most thoughtful note congratulating us on the record. This part of his note really stuck out for me:

“For someone like me who loves music so much, but has not one speck of talent, that process of writing and performing music is sort of like sending people to space in that I can’t begin to conceive how it can be done.  Music that I really love always feels like a miracle to me.”

A few days prior to the Soyuz spacecraft lift-off, Chris Hadfiled shared his “Playlist to Prep for Space” on CBC’s music site. Our song Truscott was number seven on his countdown. Can you believe that? (Read here) We even heard that our record may have made its way to space!!! Chris you have our hearts and our minds gazing at the stars. We are so honoured.

The wonders of how this world spins, and lives, and grows, and loves is entirely amazing. But some things are a bit more of a miracle for each of us. For me the amazement of the human contribution has always been skill + aesthetic/grace + compassion in any form. We are all amazed by each other’s miracles aren’t we?

Happy holidays everyone. Be kind and enjoy that you completely amaze someone!

Here’s an article on how to actually spot Chris Hadfield and the ISS from Canada. Chris – let us know when you can see us out the window!

^ Dayna


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Live performance and interview on CBC Radio’s Q

We’ve had many request for a link to our in studio CBC Radio Q performance on November 21st 2012. You can listen to the performances and interview here: TRENT SEVERN’S MANIFESTO

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Live at The Dakota Tavern

Here are Terence Gui’s photos from last night – and a few twitter pics for good measure. Thanks for an awesome time Toronto!

Trent Severn live at The Dakota Tavern November 27, 2012

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Sunrise Records Yesterday

We really have to be honest with you. Trent Severn is a labour of love for the three of us and we really were not expecting your responses to our record. We are so grateful to receive your letters and to hear your stories – so please keep ’em coming.

Yesterday  – again – was thrilling to say the least. We played at Sunrise Records at Yonge and Bloor and sang for none other than Burton Cummings himself  with no mics! We couldn’t believe that a Trent Severn musical hero came to our in store. Burton Cummings has taught each of us so much in our careers and we are thankful to the core for his support.

Living in that moment will be cherished for many years. He also signed all of our copies of his new record Live at Massy Hall. Here’s a fantastic picture by Lillian Sarafian from yesterday, and a lovely note Burton wrote on his FB page.

Following that we played to a packed house at The Dakota Tavern in Toronto. We’ll be posting some photos from that show shortly.

A special thanks to Burton Cummings, videographer Lil Sarafian & to Steven, Kristy and the Sunrise Records store crew! What a fantastic experience.

xo, TS


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Photos by Terence Gui

Trent Severn live at the Stratford-Perth Museum on November 24th 2012

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One Down

A huge thank you to the best first show crowd three girls could ask for. London – what a blast!

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Steve Stax

The amazing Steve Stax took our band photos for our album artwork. Here he is standing with his work displayed largely in the London Free Press yesterday. Trent Severn is sending a huge hug and thank you to Steve and the LFP!

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Wow & Thank You

We just wanted to post that we are so grateful for all of the email we received today after our appearance on CBC’s Q. We’ve had an exhilarating day of performances and rehearsals, and we are certainly looking forward to replying to you over our coffee in the morning. Night – TS

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Listen Live: Q – CBC Radio

Tomorrow, November 21st,  we are the musical guests on one of our favourite radio shows. Be sure to check your local listing and tune into CBC Radio One’s Q. We will performing two songs and speaking with guest host Terry O’Reilly.

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Upcoming Shows

Be sure to check out our shows page for a few upcoming Ontario dates, including two shows in Toronto – an early evening at The Dakota Tavern and an afternoon instore at Sunrise Records at Yonge & Bloor


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Trent Severn – It’s Out!

After 10 songs, almost 900 original emails, (not including replies) 13 months and 17 days, we’re happy to announce that our debut self titled release “Trent Severn” comes out today, November 6th 2012.

If you had a chance to listen to the album preview on this past week, we hope it is apparent that we spent time researching the material for our songwriting, working out our parts and performing them as best we could. Well we’re happy to say that just as much thought was put into our physical packaging too.

The hard copy of the CD is a three panel digipack with a 24 page booklet and a post card. Each song in the booklet features a hand rendered title, a custom postage stamp design, all of our lyrics and a short story about the inspiration for the song. The photos for the stamps were sourced online from across Canada and generously donated by their photographers who are credited in the liner notes. The album cover, a photo by  Jenni Roberts, was even found on instagram.

The post card  you’ll find inside is address to us.  We’re hoping that the Canadiana inspired stories of our songs make you want to share your stories, well known or not.  We’ll be looking forward to receiving your post cards and writing you back.

We would like to extend a special thanks to all of those who contributed stamp photos, Steve Stax for photographing us ladies, and to Megan Brooks who designed the album.

Have a fantastic November 6th everyone – thanks for listening.


Here’s where you can purchase our CD online:

iTunes – Digital

MapleMusic – Hard Copy

Outside Music  – Hard Copy

And from awesome local music stores across the country – like Music in Sebringville, ON • Cheeky Monkey in Sarnia, ON • World’s Coolest Music Store in St. Mary’s ON to name just a few of our local stores. If your local store doesn’t have it in – just ask. We’re sure they can order it for you.



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Trent Severn – CBC Full Album Stream Until Nov 6

Thrilled to announce that will be featuring a full album stream of our record until next Tuesday November 6th. Have a listen and we hope you enjoy

Click the graphic below to the article and stream:

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Looking Up

Astronaut Chris Hadfield, who becomes the first Canadian Commander of the International Space Station this December,  let us know yesterday that our debut album will be uploaded for listening to on the International Space Station.
WOW times all the stars in the sky.

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Thank you CBC!


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Pushed together

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“Gordie’s like some meadowlark”

New Hip makes our Snowy Souls happy.

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TS – Inner T-Shirt Desires

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Our Manifesto

Over a year ago, before we had even penned a tune, Trent Severn decided to write down what was important to us as a band. These ideas shaped our writing, recording, and all of our decision making.

We believe knowing what is important to you helps to make your decisions clear and your life easier in general. Here’s our manifesto:

• Write songs that touch the hearts and tell the stories of our Canadian friends, neighbours and legends
• Make an album that sounds just like our concert
• Play instruments we can carry
• Show our audience a really great time
• Be kind
• Enjoy a beer at the end of a long day
• Family will always come first


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TS in The Scene Magazine

Snowy Soul

Photo by James Galletto : Stamp Design by Megan Brooks 

“Inspired by a conversation in a book store where a man was talking about returning from the Arctic.”

Little bones in the stereo
Been in the arctic for
Thirty years or so

And I got to make it back
To that postal code
Been a lot of sun at midnight
And no comfort zone

Gordie’s like some meadowlark
Yeah I got courage
Beneath gravel and tar

And I got to make it back
To that postal code
When Churchill feels like Memphis
You know you’re a cold rolling stone

Come around and pour me
A glass of clarity baby
I have seen some better days
When did the switch flip
And uphill turn to down
Oh I got to make it back to that postal code
You can see my weathered skin
But not my snowy soul

Hundreds of roads I’ve travelled
Can you hear my heartbeat
Sounds like a courtroom gavel
Running free
Up off my knees

I gotta make it back someday
Oh I got to get myself to that postal code

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Self Titled Debut – November 6th 2012

1. Snowy Soul
2. Bluenose On A Dime
3. Like A Donnelly
4. Freedom
5. Muskoka Bound
6. Mulroney Times
7. Road Less Travelled
8. Wild One
9. Answers

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a salute to Stan Rogers

I just finished reading a 1993 biography on Stan Rogers, called “An Unfinished Conversation” by Chris Gudgeona.

Stan Rogers was part of the soundtrack of my early childhood as my dad played his cassette tapes and strummed his tunes on guitar. It was inspiring to read the stories, and learn about the personality that wrote such iconic songs. I realized that Stan’s lyrics are subconsciously ingrained in me; but only now am I truly listening to, appreciating, and comprehending his music.

After Stan Rogers released Fogarty’s Cove and Between The Breaks, he felt frustrated with, to quote Gudgeona, “the limited scope that a single album afforded him.” Stan’s unfinished master plan was to incorporate the whole country in his music through a series of five albums. In Northwest Passage, Stan developed a unifying theme exploring separation and lines of communication. A fire in an airplane in 1983 took his life and he was unable to finish the last two albums in the series.

The Trent Severn album is currently being manufactured, and we can’t wait to share and perform our own Canadian songs. However, this moment of revelling in the feeling of album completion won’t last long as, like Stan, we know we have yet to lay down many more tracks to connect our provinces and territories. We know we’re standing at the beginning of a road that, with work, will take us to our dream of being a truly Canadian band.

I think we can learn a lot from this guy:

– Laura

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Snowy Owl?


Trent Severn in the Free Press

For The Love of Bluegrass

Today I shredded out some harmonies on Muskoka Bound, which I wrote after a good dose of listening to the work of Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard. Muskoka Bound is about various people being trapped in their cars on Highway 400, headed north, each with a “bullet in their soul”.

“Hang that sorrow by the evergreen / Heartache and the campfire / Too many big wheels in between.” – Muskoka Bound

A challenging song to sing. Years of singing pop and rock have created some emotive habits that aren’t really part of this new approach. There’s a lovely forelorn plaintive quality to the work of Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard. And in my blood, there are a lot of Casey Kasem Top 40 hits of which I would prefer to rid myself at this point.I didn’t know that just as we were starting a band that has its roots in, well, roots, Hazel Dickens had passed away. A little about her:

Hazel Jane Dickens (June 1, 1935 – April 22, 2011) was an American bluegrass singer, songwriter, double bassist and guitarist. Her music was characterized not only by her high, lonesome singing style, but also by her provocative pro-union, feminist songs. Cultural blogger John Pietaro noted that “Dickens didn’t just sing the anthems of labor, she lived them and her place on many a picket line, staring down gunfire and goon squads, embedded her into the cause.” The New York Times extolled her as “a clarion-voiced advocate for coal miners and working people and a pioneer among women in bluegrass music”. Hazel Dickens died at age 75. Extolling that “music saves mountains”, fans and supporters of Dicken’s activism announced a special memorial, Tribute to West Virginia Music Legend Hazel Dickens at the Charleston, West Virginia Cultural Center on June 5, 2011, four days after what would have been her 76th birthday.

Now, Trent Severn isn’t a bluegrass band, but we certainly have the love and respect for old tyme and modern bluegrass. And I love the vocal stylings of the female pioners in bluegrass. I also have always loved the banjo. When Dayna bought her banjo in Fort St. John a few months back, I knew that would be a match made in heaven. Anyone who has seen Dayna Manning play guitar know she can knock the socks off the fastest pickers in the north. Wait till we are in our 70’s. 

Around the same time Hazel Dickens passed away, Chris Pandolfi wrote The Bluegrass Manifesto. It is worth a read, for bluegrass enthusiasts, and music lovers in general.



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The Channel

The Trent-Severn is a canal system that connects Lake Ontario at Trenton to the Georgian Bay part of Lake Huron at Port Severn. Trent Severn is this band, founded by Emm and Dayna that I’m thrilled be a part of.

This musical channel now spans from our southwestern Ontario roots all the way to where Dayna resides in northern B.C.

“The music that we heard was like livin’ with buried gold” – Emm

This is a line from a track entitled “The Day We Ditched” from our forthcoming album. Hearing it reinstates my belief that the flood gates of the Canadian music scene are about break open; that there is so much great music lingering just under the surface of the radio that’s about to break free.

Mourning the passing of Levon Helm is contrasted in my mind by the excitement I have about the good tunes that keep rolling into my inbox, and for a future that will include rocking out with these fine ladies.

– Laura

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TSI 04/06/12


Things that make you go EH!

Art isn’t Art Until…

We previewed two tunes at a house concert near Stratford on Saturday, a potentially frightful thing to do considering both Dayna and I were beyond exhausted after a week of rehearsing and recording. “I dont even understand myself anymore,” i announced to the audience, sleepily, during my set.

After an encore,, Dayna and I did two songs as Trent Severn – Mulroney Times and Bluenose On A Dime. Not to downplay my own solo material but playing the Trent Severn songs for the first time was like a rush of adrenalin, and a flood of oxygen to the brain. Partially because they are new songs, but also because this music is in our blood right now, and I imagine will be for a long time. We have both been playing our own heart wrenching solo stuff for a loooong time and there is something exhilarating about playing music and singing harmonies with someone else who you know is just gonna nail it. It’s as though there is a reason both of us have endured almost carbon copy experiences in our own rollercoastery careers. For the first and last time, we performed the songs as a duo. We have yet to locate our Arctic Vixen.

When we finished the songs, I looked at the audience and they had been resurrected out of their collective house concert coma. They were invigorated, and it was the first time I got confirmation that my suspicions about our new band might be right. Maybe, just maybe, we have found a way to be entertainers again. As David Bowie said to me once, “Art isn’t art until it reaches an audience.” And so begins our orienteering!


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Daydream In The Night

Sketching my cover ideas


TSI 03/12 – Ian & Sylvia Greenwood Sidie-O

Trent Severn in the studio


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Women in Threes

TSI 02/29 – Raven

A wonderful find from a visit to a northern cafe – TS

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Bass Wars

The joy of starting a new band means you can drop some Royal Canadian coin on some new gear. I suppose Trent Severn might benefit from some vintage gear, but today there didn’t seem to be any gems in the bass guitar graveyard. I’m not a stand-up bass player so my options for a new bass were quickly narrowed down to the Epiphone Zenith and the Kala U-Bass. Being a smaller person (5 foot 1) made the Ukulele Bass in mahogany the clear winner, as it chimes in at 6 pounds with a 20 inch scale. These proportions sound very similar to the weight of a healthy newborn baby, now that I write it!

Live, I will also be rocking the Porchboard Bass (which is a fabulous instrument that emits a kick drum-esque sound) so knowing my feet will be active means a smaller bass will be just what I need. After calling all around Ontario, including the Ontario Folklore Centre, and finding no stock, I trusted my brother’s recommendation, online reviews and the instrument specs and bought one on-line. Let’s hope it arrives in one piece! End of nerdy bass blog.



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TSI 01/27 – THE BAND

Ode to Richard Manuel.

Richard Manuel was born in Stratford, OntarioCanada. His father Ed was a mechanic employed by Chrysler, and his mother was a schoolteacher. He was raised with his three brothers, and the four sang in the church choir. Manuel took piano lessons beginning when he was nine, and enjoyed playing piano and rehearsing with his friends at his home. Some of his childhood influences wereRay CharlesBobby BlandJimmy Reed and Otis Rush. He was given the nickname “The Beak” by his friends because of his prominent nose.

He and three friends started a band when he was fifteen, originally named the Rebels but later changed to The Revols, in deference to Duane Eddy and the Rebels. The group also included Ken Kalmusky, a founding member of Great Speckled Bird, and John Till, a founding member of the Full Tilt Boogie Band. Manuel developed a rhythmic style of piano unique in its usage of inverted chord structures. He was also a naturally talented vocalist, with a soulful rhythm and blues style, and a rich timbre, often compared to that of Ray Charles. These talents were showcased in The Revols.

Manuel first became acquainted with Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks when The Revols opened for them in Port Dover, Ontario. According to Levon Helm, Hawkins remarked to him about Manuel: “See that kid playing piano? He’s got more talent than Van Cliburn.” The two bands once again connected at the Stratford Coliseum in 1961 when The Revols ended a show featuring The Hawks as headliners. After hearing Manuel singing “Georgia on My Mind“, Hawkins hired The Revols’ pianist rather than competing with them.


TSI 01/16 – FANNY

When you ask people to name the very first all-female rock band ever, THE GOGO’S, THE BANGLES or THE RUNAWAYS might come close to the truth. But the real answer would be FANNY. Formed in the late sixties, led by the two sisters, June and Jean Millington, they sounded like a real rock band. From that moment on, it was cool and accepted for women to play rock music. As there was no competion back in these days, FANNY were quite unique and on their own, so to speak. Reason enough to tell the story of these ladies, that opened the door for many female musicians to come and give all you youngsters a lesson in rock history.

Read more:

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Good Fortune

The paths we have taken and have left behind form the trails of our lives and country. Of recent I’ve been singing songs about ravens, the northern lights, cold weather and the ocean. Our Canadian trails.

In August Shannon Butler picked me a fortune cookie from a jar. It was the fortune pictured above. Really? For me? How could that be?

In September I flew once again to my homeland of Ontario. Half of my heart. I sang. So did Emm.

Ink on paper can grow wings. Ideas are dangerous things. Knock knock. I’m there.


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The Wake

I love the hiss of an old NFB reel wandering through a movie projector, I love the sound of the Hip’s “Up To Here”, I love the crisp cold air that assaults before snowfall. I love pointless conversations about weather, highways without billboards and I love when Joel Plaskett records a banjo.

It was time to have cake and down several whiskeys at the wake for my old self. It was time to start a new band.


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