We love our album art


These days, with iTunes and MP3s racing around everywhere, the amazing art of putting the physical album together is sometimes lost. We just wanted to give a big shout out to our designer Megan Brooks for bringing our ideas of Canadian stamps and vintage postcards to life. Here’s a few links to her website, specifically to our TS items she has showcased so very well. Thanks again Megan! (Hire her you won’t regret it)

TS Layout   Via Ink Blog

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Trent Severn – Freedom (Live at Verge Music Lab)

Canada – This is our valentine to you.

A big thanks to Orange Peel Pictures who shot and edited the video and Mojito Mastering who recorded this performance (and mastered our LP) at Verg Music Lab.

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Point of View

Last Wednesday, Dec. 19th, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfiled headed for the International Space Station from Kazakhstan, Russia. Chris will become the first Canadian Commander of the space station this March. Isn’t that unbelievable? I know we all (TS girls) watched the launch on Nasa.gov from our respective computers along with most of Canada, wide eyed and completely amazed.

Right now I’m sitting in an airport writing this blog on a layover. I’ve completed one flight of my pair of Christmas take-offs. Every time I get on an airplane I am wide eyed and amazed. How do they get these 200 people with each of their 50lb bags up into the sky and to their destinations so smoothly? Let alone the thousands of others sharing the sky right now? It really is inconceivable to me.

Each time I fly think of one of my favourite music lovers, C.S. – a pilot for Air Canada who does this everyday for his living. When the Trent Severn CD came out, C.S. sent the most thoughtful note congratulating us on the record. This part of his note really stuck out for me:

“For someone like me who loves music so much, but has not one speck of talent, that process of writing and performing music is sort of like sending people to space in that I can’t begin to conceive how it can be done.  Music that I really love always feels like a miracle to me.”

A few days prior to the Soyuz spacecraft lift-off, Chris Hadfiled shared his “Playlist to Prep for Space” on CBC’s music site. Our song Truscott was number seven on his countdown. Can you believe that? (Read here) We even heard that our record may have made its way to space!!! Chris you have our hearts and our minds gazing at the stars. We are so honoured.

The wonders of how this world spins, and lives, and grows, and loves is entirely amazing. But some things are a bit more of a miracle for each of us. For me the amazement of the human contribution has always been skill + aesthetic/grace + compassion in any form. We are all amazed by each other’s miracles aren’t we?

Happy holidays everyone. Be kind and enjoy that you completely amaze someone!

Here’s an article on how to actually spot Chris Hadfield and the ISS from Canada. Chris – let us know when you can see us out the window!

^ Dayna


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Live performance and interview on CBC Radio’s Q

We’ve had many request for a link to our in studio CBC Radio Q performance on November 21st 2012. You can listen to the performances and interview here: TRENT SEVERN’S MANIFESTO

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Live at The Dakota Tavern

Here are Terence Gui’s photos from last night – and a few twitter pics for good measure. Thanks for an awesome time Toronto!

Trent Severn live at The Dakota Tavern November 27, 2012

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Sunrise Records Yesterday

We really have to be honest with you. Trent Severn is a labour of love for the three of us and we really were not expecting your responses to our record. We are so grateful to receive your letters and to hear your stories – so please keep ‘em coming.

Yesterday  - again – was thrilling to say the least. We played at Sunrise Records at Yonge and Bloor and sang for none other than Burton Cummings himself  with no mics! We couldn’t believe that a Trent Severn musical hero came to our in store. Burton Cummings has taught each of us so much in our careers and we are thankful to the core for his support.

Living in that moment will be cherished for many years. He also signed all of our copies of his new record Live at Massy Hall. Here’s a fantastic picture by Lillian Sarafian from yesterday, and a lovely note Burton wrote on his FB page.

Following that we played to a packed house at The Dakota Tavern in Toronto. We’ll be posting some photos from that show shortly.

A special thanks to Burton Cummings, videographer Lil Sarafian & to Steven, Kristy and the Sunrise Records store crew! What a fantastic experience.

xo, TS


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Photos by Terence Gui

Trent Severn live at the Stratford-Perth Museum on November 24th 2012

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One Down

A huge thank you to the best first show crowd three girls could ask for. London – what a blast!

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Steve Stax

The amazing Steve Stax took our band photos for our album artwork. Here he is standing with his work displayed largely in the London Free Press yesterday. Trent Severn is sending a huge hug and thank you to Steve and the LFP!

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Wow & Thank You

We just wanted to post that we are so grateful for all of the email we received today after our appearance on CBC’s Q. We’ve had an exhilarating day of performances and rehearsals, and we are certainly looking forward to replying to you over our coffee in the morning. Night – TS

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Listen Live: Q – CBC Radio

Tomorrow, November 21st,  we are the musical guests on one of our favourite radio shows. Be sure to check your local listing and tune into CBC Radio One’s Q. We will performing two songs and speaking with guest host Terry O’Reilly.

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Upcoming Shows

Be sure to check out our shows page for a few upcoming Ontario dates, including two shows in Toronto – an early evening at The Dakota Tavern and an afternoon instore at Sunrise Records at Yonge & Bloor


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Trent Severn – It’s Out!

After 10 songs, almost 900 original emails, (not including replies) 13 months and 17 days, we’re happy to announce that our debut self titled release “Trent Severn” comes out today, November 6th 2012.

If you had a chance to listen to the album preview on CBC.ca this past week, we hope it is apparent that we spent time researching the material for our songwriting, working out our parts and performing them as best we could. Well we’re happy to say that just as much thought was put into our physical packaging too.

The hard copy of the CD is a three panel digipack with a 24 page booklet and a post card. Each song in the booklet features a hand rendered title, a custom postage stamp design, all of our lyrics and a short story about the inspiration for the song. The photos for the stamps were sourced online from across Canada and generously donated by their photographers who are credited in the liner notes. The album cover, a photo by  Jenni Roberts, was even found on instagram.

The post card  you’ll find inside is address to us.  We’re hoping that the Canadiana inspired stories of our songs make you want to share your stories, well known or not.  We’ll be looking forward to receiving your post cards and writing you back.

We would like to extend a special thanks to all of those who contributed stamp photos, Steve Stax for photographing us ladies, and to Megan Brooks who designed the album.

Have a fantastic November 6th everyone – thanks for listening.


Here’s where you can purchase our CD online:

iTunes - Digital

MapleMusic - Hard Copy

Outside Music  - Hard Copy

And from awesome local music stores across the country – like Music in Sebringville, ON • Cheeky Monkey in Sarnia, ON • World’s Coolest Music Store in St. Mary’s ON to name just a few of our local stores. If your local store doesn’t have it in – just ask. We’re sure they can order it for you.



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Trent Severn – CBC Full Album Stream Until Nov 6

Thrilled to announce that CBC.ca will be featuring a full album stream of our record until next Tuesday November 6th. Have a listen and we hope you enjoy

Click the graphic below to the article and stream:

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Looking Up

Astronaut Chris Hadfield, who becomes the first Canadian Commander of the International Space Station this December,  let us know yesterday that our debut album will be uploaded for listening to on the International Space Station.
WOW times all the stars in the sky.

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Thank you CBC!


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Pushed together

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“Gordie’s like some meadowlark”

New Hip makes our Snowy Souls happy.

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TS – Inner T-Shirt Desires


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Our Manifesto

Over a year ago, before we had even penned a tune, Trent Severn decided to write down what was important to us as a band. These ideas shaped our writing, recording, and all of our decision making.

We believe knowing what is important to you helps to make your decisions clear and your life easier in general. Here’s our manifesto:

• Write songs that touch the hearts and tell the stories of our Canadian friends, neighbours and legends
• Make an album that sounds just like our concert
• Play instruments we can carry
• Show our audience a really great time
• Be kind
• Enjoy a beer at the end of a long day
• Family will always come first


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TS in The Scene Magazine

Snowy Soul

Photo by James Galletto : Stamp Design by Megan Brooks 

“Inspired by a conversation in a book store where a man was talking about returning from the Arctic.”

Little bones in the stereo
Been in the arctic for
Thirty years or so

And I got to make it back
To that postal code
Been a lot of sun at midnight
And no comfort zone

Gordie’s like some meadowlark
Yeah I got courage
Beneath gravel and tar

And I got to make it back
To that postal code
When Churchill feels like Memphis
You know you’re a cold rolling stone

Come around and pour me
A glass of clarity baby
I have seen some better days
When did the switch flip
And uphill turn to down
Oh I got to make it back to that postal code
You can see my weathered skin
But not my snowy soul

Hundreds of roads I’ve travelled
Can you hear my heartbeat
Sounds like a courtroom gavel
Running free
Up off my knees

I gotta make it back someday
Oh I got to get myself to that postal code

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Self Titled Debut – November 6th 2012

1. Snowy Soul
2. Bluenose On A Dime
3. Like A Donnelly
4. Freedom
5. Muskoka Bound
6. Mulroney Times
7. Road Less Travelled
8. Wild One
9. Answers

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a salute to Stan Rogers

I just finished reading a 1993 biography on Stan Rogers, called “An Unfinished Conversation” by Chris Gudgeona.

Stan Rogers was part of the soundtrack of my early childhood as my dad played his cassette tapes and strummed his tunes on guitar. It was inspiring to read the stories, and learn about the personality that wrote such iconic songs. I realized that Stan’s lyrics are subconsciously ingrained in me; but only now am I truly listening to, appreciating, and comprehending his music.

After Stan Rogers released Fogarty’s Cove and Between The Breaks, he felt frustrated with, to quote Gudgeona, “the limited scope that a single album afforded him.” Stan’s unfinished master plan was to incorporate the whole country in his music through a series of five albums. In Northwest Passage, Stan developed a unifying theme exploring separation and lines of communication. A fire in an airplane in 1983 took his life and he was unable to finish the last two albums in the series.

The Trent Severn album is currently being manufactured, and we can’t wait to share and perform our own Canadian songs. However, this moment of revelling in the feeling of album completion won’t last long as, like Stan, we know we have yet to lay down many more tracks to connect our provinces and territories. We know we’re standing at the beginning of a road that, with work, will take us to our dream of being a truly Canadian band.

I think we can learn a lot from this guy:

- Laura

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Snowy Owl?